Nurses—Making a Difference in Global Health

About Us

2010 International Year of the Nurse - Creating a Healthy World
A Celebration of Commitment

A collaborative, grassroots global initiative honoring nurses’ voices, values and wisdom — to act as catalysts for achieving a healthy world.

2010 IYNurse seeks to recognize the contributions of nurses globally and to engage nurses in the promotion of world health, including the UN MDGs.  In collaboration with other global citizens, nurses will demonstrate - throughout 2010 IYNurse - how nurses advocate for the achievement of these goals globally. 

We honor the legacy of Florence Nightingale and other nurses, midwives and healthcare workers of the past and present, who have shown how personal actions can make a world of difference.

2010 IYNurse is a “Celebration of Commitment” creating opportunities for nurses to showcase their unique contributions toward the achievement of health and well-being for everyone. All events, celebrations and activities for 2010 IYNurse are intended to be inclusive and collaborative.

2010 IYNurse Founders

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI)
Patricia E. Thompson, RN, EdD, FAAN and CEO
Carol J. Huston, MSN, MPA, DPA, FAAN and 2007-2009 president

Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH)
Deva-Marie Beck, RN, PhD, and NIGH International co-director
Barbara Dossey, RN PhD, AHN-BC, FAAN and NIGH International co-director
Cynda H. Rushton, RN, PhD, FAAN and NIGH International co-director

Florence Nightingale Museum (FNM), London
Caroline Worthington, director

2010 IYNurse International Advisory Board

The  2010 IYNurse International Advisory Board facilitates outreach and communication about the goals and activities of 2010 IYNurse through the coordination of this Web site. In addition, each advisory board member is engaged in planning and implementing 2010 IYNurse activities in their regions, nations and networks.

Dr. Barbara Dossey - USA
Dr. Carol Huston - USA
Professor Anna Maslin for Dame Christine Beasley - United Kingdom
Dr. Isabel Costa-Mendes - Brazil
Dr. Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard - Canada
Dr. Elena  Frolova - Russia
Dr. Peter Goossens -The Netherlands
Doris Grinspun - Canada
Jiang Jinguhui - China
Dr. Susie Kim, South Korea
Dr. Leslie Mancuso - USA
Dr. Tim Porter O'Grady - USA
Dr. Adenike Olaogun - Nigeria
Sheila Seda - India
Dr. Linda Shields - Australia
Dr. Da'ad Shokeh - Jordan
Carol Worthington - United Kingdom


2010 IYNurse Global Network

Each member of the 2010 IYNurse Global Network will work with the 2010 IYNurse International Advisory Board member in their region to plan for, coordinate and promote 2010 IYN activities.