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The International Year of the Nurse, 2010 is also the centennial year of the death of the founder of modern nursing— Florence Nightingale(1820-1910).

To celebrate this historic milestone, the 2010 IYNurse is planned as a sustained public awareness initiative to actively involve the world’s nurses—estimated to be more than 15 million—in a celebration of commitment to bring health to their communities, locally and worldwide.

The 2010 IYNurse will provide nurses with innovative opportunities to:

  1. Broaden the scope of their health education and health promotion practices
  2. Bring their trusted global voices to express their concerns and to establish significant and effective global platforms for their advocacy.

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Based on three years of planning, 2006-2009, a worldwide network of nursing “focal points” was developed and related strategies have been identified, including this 2010 IYNurse Web site. Allied international, regional and local events and projects - both large and small — are planned and encouraged to span 2010.

All of these combined efforts will provide a sustained platform for millions of nurses to call for renewed commitment — globally, nationally, regionally and locally — to establish and implement a worldwide mandate toward achieving a healthy world.