A Year Long Celebration of 2010 IYNurse:

One University’s Efforts

Brigham Young University College of Nursing in Provo, Utah, USA organized a Nightingale Centennial Committee early in 2009 to discuss ways of creating interest in the commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s death. The committee consisted of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community representatives. The overall theme for the centennial was The Nightingale Legacy: A Celebration of the History of Nursing.


Events planned for 2010 include

2010 Year-long Nightingale exhibit – grand opening January 25, 2010, Harold B. Lee Library, BYU Campus

  • The L. Tom Perry Special Collections department of the campus library owns original letters written by Nightingale, first edition books, photographs, lithographs of the Crimea, etc. An impressive year-long exhibit near the main entrance of the library is under construction.
  • Part of the exhibit includes a multimedia interactive push-button question/answer kiosk about Florence Nightingale. The questions include, “How does Nightingale influence today’s practice of statistics?” The campus department chair of statistics answers the question via video. Another question, “How did Florence Nightingale’s life mesh with Victorian literature and/or 19th century history?” is answered by faculty from the campus English and History Departments. Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, renowned Nightingale scholar, addresses the question of how Nightingale influences present day nursing and nursing education.
  • A history timeline from Victorian England to the present is included in the exhibit. Wall-mounted captions and large professional picture panels depicting Nightingale’s life and work enhance the presentation.

House of Learning Lecture and reception – January 25, 2010, 2:00 p.m., Harold B. Lee Library, BYU Campus

  • College of Nursing Dean, Beth Cole, PhD, APRN, FAAN will present the monthly Harold B. Lee Library House of Learning Lecture, spotlighting the works and contributions of Florence Nightingale. A reception follows the lecture, and guests may tour the main floor exhibit as well as the Special Collections area of the library where additional lithographs, books, and documents pertaining to “The Lady with the Lamp,” are displayed.

Professionalism Conference – February 22, 2010, 8:00 a.m. – noon, Ernest L. Wilkinson Student Center Little Theater, BYU Campus

  • The annual College of Nursing Professionalism Conference features Dr. Barbara Dossey as the keynote speaker. Theme for the conference is Learning from the Past: Looking Forward to the Future. Conference breakout sessions include presentations by nursing faculty and community professionals centered on various roles available to those in the nursing profession.

Harold B. Lee Library Lecture – March 8, 2010, BYU Campus

  • Betsy Hopkins, Nursing and Physiology Librarian, will discuss her review of library holdings in L. Tom Perry Special Collections pertaining to Nightingale.

Faculty meetings

  • Librarians from the Harold B. Lee Library attended College of Nursing faculty meetings during September, October, and November 2009 to give brief presentations of Nightingale documents, first edition books, etc. owned by the library.

Essay contest

  • A student writing contest focusing on how Florence Nightingale’s legacy influences the lives of current nursing students was announced at the beginning of the 2009-10 academic year in an effort to introduce the centennial and promote student interest. Winning entries will be published in the college magazine and will be read at the Professionalism Conference February 22, 2010. Cash prizes augment the contest.

College magazine cover

  • The front cover of the 2010 issue of the college magazine, Learning the Healer’s art, features a photographic representation of original Florence Nightingale letters and books, courtesy of the Harold B. Library L. Tom Perry Special Collections.

Student Nurses Association

  • The SNA’s Homecoming parade float in Fall 2010 will highlight Nightingale’s legacy of nursing.

College Website

  • Throughout 2010 the College of Nursing Website features a permanent announcement about the Nightingale Centennial, including Nightingale quotations presented at intervals throughout the year.

Promotional Items

  • Note cards depicting six different graphic/photographic images pertaining to Nightingale were designed and printed.
  • A 12-inch ruler depicting the history of nursing is a free gift at campus blood pressure screenings conducted by nursing students and faculty during 2010 Homecoming and 2010 Nurses Week.

Governor’s Declaration

Application for an official Nightingale Declaration by Utah Governor, Gary R. Herbert is complete. Anticipated signing by the governor is February 22, 2010. The Declaration and publicity surrounding it help foster a renewed commitment to public and personal health and an appreciation for the Founder of Modern Nursing.

BYU College of Nursing
Declaration in honor of Florence Nightingale

  • Whereas, Florence Nightingale is recognized as the founder of modern nursing practice;
  • Whereas, Florence Nightingale demonstrated a dedication to care for persons during times of great distress;
  • Whereas, Florence Nightingale demonstrated a commitment to training blending the science of health promotion, disease prevention and care of the spirit of all in need;
  • Whereas, Florence Nightingale’s work in public health and the use of statistics to monitor, understand and improve the health of the community;
  • Whereas, nursing today reflects the high ethical and scientific foundation laid by Florence Nightingale;
  • Whereas, colleges of nursing in the State of Utah are coming together to honor and celebrate the spirit of Florence Nightingale and recognize the 100th anniversary of her death;
  • Now, Therefore, I, Gary R. Herbert, Governor of the State of Utah, do hereby declare February 21-27 as

Florence Nightingale Recognition Week

Nightingale Committee
Front row: Sherry Poulson, Dean Beth Cole
Back row: Rose Ann Jarrett, Cheryl Corbett, Glenda Christiaens, Karen Lundberg
Not pictured: Jean Bigelow

For more information, visit the BYU College of Nursing.

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Rose Ann Jarrett
Brigham Young University
College of Nursing
Public Relations Supervisor
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