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I  would like to express a personal "thank you" to all of you in the Nursing Profession who are reading this. It is beyond me, as an average person, how you can do what you do, day in, day out, without having it overwhelm you, though there MUST be times when it does. I'm sure, on one day many years ago, when some of your ilk got together and decided that there should be an organization, that somewhere amongst their thoughts was one of giving each other support during those times.

So ... here's to the 2010 International Year of the Nurse, here's to many more years ahead, and here's to the Ladies (and men) In White (and blue, and green, and pink and every other colour of the spectrum that white consists of). Kudos to you all.

I am medically disabled, and a songwriter, and like everyone else in this Country, and I dare say, this Planet, I have been touched by the caring services provided by those who have decided to dedicate their lives to helping others. We all have our own way of saying thanks (and I know there are people who are complainers .. but they're the ones who complain about everything anyway) but I, as a songwriter, have chosen to express it in the form of a Tribute Song.

I had written many songs about many different subjects and in several different styles, but this one was a result of my numerous times spent in various hospitals in my area. One of the last times I came home I decided to try and write one for those who had cared for my well being during those trying times and I focused on the ones that were fresh in my memory.

The song I wrote about (and for) them is called "LADIES IN WHITE". They wore white uniforms and were all female (Yes, I know that there are male nurses and know that not many wear white any more... but besides how amazingly efficient and caring they were, that was what I remembered of them .. besides, since white is actually made up of all the colours of the spectrum, it therefore represents every colour). It is not rock or pop, rap or hip hop or even a ballad... it is just a happy, simple to sing-along-with, up tempo song.

So, again, I say "thank you" and I hope that anyone who does hear the song gets some enjoyment from it and even possibly a bit of a "lift". You deserve it. If you're at all curious about the song it can be heard on Track 6 Ladies in White:

 Have a GREAT 2010 International Year of the Nurse, and keep smiling ... Good for the soul !

Musically Yours,

Pete Dowan

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